Saturday, October 30, 2010

In "Bible answers for kids" you can find out what the God's Word says in answer to questions that children frequently ask.

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Maurice Sweetsur


One of the best ways that children learn is by asking questions. For this reason I try to encourage children in my classes to do this.

Kids do ask some really interesting questions, and we should always be prepared to give simple, age-appropriate, Biblical answers to them.

If you as a teacher are asked a question, you are expected to give an instant answer, and I am sure that we have all discovered that on reflection these may not be completely adequate. It is for this reason that I encourage children to write out any questions they have and give them to me. Thus, I am then able to consider their questions, and if necessary research the answers - using the Bible as my main source - and give my answers the next time I see the children.

This Blog contains many questions that children have asked of me in classroom situations, together with my considered answers. I hope that you find them helpful. Most of us have a "Denominational bias", but I have tried to steer clear of this and give strictly "mainstream" Biblical answers.

I am sure that you will discover that many questions (such as Who made God? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? Why is my brother?sister nasty to me? When did God create the dinosaurs? Did Jesus really rise from the dead?). come up time and time again. So become familiar with the answers to the most common questions, and then you won't have to keep researching them.


Who made God?
Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?
Why did God make us, and the world?
Why did God create the earth the way it is?
When will the world come to an end?
Which came first the chicken or the egg?
When did God create the Dinosaurs?
When did God create angels?
Why did God use Adam's rib to create Eve?
Why did Adam and Eve sin against God?
Where did Cain get his wife from?
Did some people in the Bible really live until they were over 900 years old?
Was the Universe created with a "Big bang"?
Did people evolve from monkeys?
If Adam and Eve were white skinned, how did dark skinned people come about?
Why is water essential for life?
Did God make cavemen?
What proof is there that God exists?
Is Jesus really God?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
When is Jesus coming back to earth?
Why does God answer some prayers but not others?
Where is heaven?
Did God write the Bible?
How do I know the Christian faith is true?
Do people have more than one life on earth?
If God knows the future, does that mean that no matter what I do, it cannot be changed?
Why is my brother / sister nasty to me?
Why does God allow suffering?
Why do we have earthquakes?
If I ask God for something, will he give it to me?
Can God speak to us with a voice that we can actually hear?
Can I be a Christian, even if my parents aren't?
Do all religions lead to God?
What is my purpose in life?
Can Christians perform miracles?
How old is the earth?
How many different types of Christians are there?